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Results From Emsculpt NEO

When Do You Start Seeing Results From Emsculpt NEO?

Are you interested in enhancing your physical appearance without having to lift heavy weights? There’s nothing wrong with exercising and dieting to get the body you desire, but those tactics may not offer the best results in a timely manner. Emsculpt NEO makes it possible for anyone to get a chiseled and contoured physique without all the hard work.

While there’s no shortage of treatments and products that overpromise results, many of them require continuous investments and routine adjustments that can make it difficult to appreciate the process or any results that may show up. Emsculpt NEO is different. The procedure melts away fat, builds and tones muscles, and sculpts the body.


If you are ready to see for yourself how the procedure can transform your body without the downtime and side effects of alternative cosmetic procedures or intense fitness routines and diet fads, keep reading to learn when you can expect to start seeing results from Emsculpt NEO.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

Results From Emsculpt NEOThe treatment uses special RF energies to trigger intense muscle contractions that promote muscle growth and conditioning. Emsculpt NEO also heats fat cells, so they disappear. Many people who’ve undergone the procedure claim they feel slimmer and more toned right after their first treatment. However, several Emsculpt NEO sessions are necessary to unlock the full benefits of the procedure.

When Should I Expect Results?

Gone are the days when men and women had to undergo invasive and major surgical procedures to sculpt their bodies. EmSculpt NEO is a safe and effective contemporary body sculpting treatment that offers all the benefits with none of the side effects associated with standard body sculpting and anti-aging procedures. Anyone on the fence about whether Emsculpt NEO is right for them should consider the benefits and how soon they can achieve their desired results.

With conventional workout routines, the body responds to intense workouts by repairing damaged tissues and building muscle. Emsculpt NEO offers those benefits and more. Yet, the cosmetic results of the procedure are not immediate. On average, it can take up to four weeks for the first signs of treatment to fully appear on the body. Many Emsculpt NEO patients notice dramatic important improvements in their appearances within two to three weeks after their last treatment session.

How Long Does it Take Emsculpt NEO to Work?

As previously highlighted, Emsculpt NEO sends high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to target areas on the body to make the muscles contract up to 20,000 times without rest. The intensity of these contractions heats tissues surrounding the muscles causing stubborn and unwanted fat cells to apoptosis. The treatment uses powerful contractions to create an effective metabolic reaction that increases the rate of muscle development. These powerful contractions also burn higher amounts of fat per session than exercise. Rapid muscle contractions encourage the growth of new protein and muscle fibers. As a result, the body gets rid of unwanted fats. These muscles tighten and rebuild their structures, leaving men and women with lean, fit, and contoured physical appearances.

Some patients report they feel slightly fatigued after Emsculpt NEO sessions. This is normal and similar to the kind of fatigue associated with intense workouts, but not as severe. For optimal results, several Emsculpt NEO sessions at certain intervals for several weeks are ideal.

Is Emsculpt NEO Worth it?

Emsculpt NEO is non-invasive. Moreover, people who opt for the treatment can simultaneously build muscles in desired areas while burning excess fat from other areas of the body. Both men and women can use the procedure to enhance the appearance of different areas on their bodies that they are unsatisfied with.

Results From Emsculpt NEOWhen compared to similar procedures like its predecessor, Emsculpt, the NEO version delivers more in terms of treatment reliability, results, and accuracy. It’s also FDA-approved and is beneficial for more than just body sculpting, muscle building, and fat elimination. The procedure also provides the following benefits.

  • No recovery time is necessary. The average Emsculpt NEO patient is back to their normal activities right after treatment.
  • Short treatment sessions. Many people enjoy the convenience of having their Emsculpt NEO body sessions completed within 30 minutes.
  • Removes difficult and resistant body fat without surgery. 
  • More cost-effective than many alternative body shaping procedures.
  • Treatment is customizable. Patients can focus on more areas of their body with Emsculpt NEO.
  • Boosts confidence and corrects appearance concerns. Emsculpt NEO patients feel and look better about themselves.
  • Emsculpt NEO helps many people achieve their health goals by burning excess fat that is unresponsive to conventional workout routines and diets.

Results are dramatic and last indefinitely. Not many other cosmetic procedures can do this. Emsculpt NEO triggers permanent fat loss and long-term muscle mass gains. It’s important to note that these changes can be compromised by poor lifestyle and dietary considerations. Maintenance visits are also advised every few months, but the exact frequency is dependent on each patient and their treatment plan. 

Multiple sessions are necessary to optimize treatment goals. A consultation is necessary to determine whether the procedure is safe for you and to determine the number of treatments necessary to help you achieve your body goals. A consultation is also necessary to identify alternative and additional cosmetic procedures that can help.

Anyone considering Emsculpt NEO should consider the pros and cons for themselves and speak with board-certified cosmetic dermatological surgeon, Dr. Behroozan, MD, FAAD, FACMS at the Dermatology Institute of Southern California. Visit our location at Beverly Hills Dermatology Institute of Southern California.

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