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What to Expect After Morpheus 8?

Getting older means the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and other undesirable effects that prematurely age the skin on the face and body. Though there are many antiaging treatments available that can help minimize the effects of these blemishes, none are quite as effective as Morpheus 8. The procedure takes antiaging treatments to a whole new level by combining radiofrequency thermal energy with the microneedling process to counteract the effects of aging on the skin.

Treatment times vary for each patient. Most sessions are 30 minutes long, though some treatment times may be longer for those who are having a lot of work done or additional cosmetic services or procedures. Anyone interested in transforming the health and appearance of their skin with Morpheus 8 should consider the following information on what to expect after treatment.

How Does Morpheus 8 Work?

Morpheus 8 achieves what many alternative cosmetic antiaging procedures can’t. It uses radiofrequency thermal energy waves to stimulate collagen and elastin production deep in the skin to rejuvenate its appearance. Morpheus 8 microneedling penetrates deeper than other microneedling procedures to diminish the signs of aging for anyone who is tired of living with loose, sagging skin, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and complexion problems on their face and various areas of their body. Thanks to the use of special thermal energy and mirconeedling device, patients don’t need to do much to prepare or recover from the procedure. Downtime is minimal and results are amazing.

What to Expect After Morpheus 8?

what to expect with morpheus 8 With proper self-care, results can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months or longer. Many patients rely on annual treatment sessions to maintain their rejuvenated appearance indefinitely. The procedure is so minimally invasive that bandages and wraps are not necessary for patients to wear during recovery. Instead, patients are encouraged to follow the postoperative instructions and to use any ointments or creams prescribed as directed.

Immediately after the procedure, patients may experience tender, red skin. Their skin may also feel much tighter than usual and weep, ooze or feel warm to the touch. Some swelling, peeling, and flaking may also occur. These effects are normal and usually clear up within the first week or so. To minimize complication risks and help ensure a pleasant experience and optimal results, patients should consider the following:

Refrain From Makeup – Avoid applying makeup to the treatment area for at least the first 24 hours after discharge home. It’s important to monitor the skin for oozing, bleeding, and warmness. Patients may resume wearing makeup, skin creams, and more within two to three days as long as those symptoms have resolved. Some items, such as retinoids and advanced skincare creams should not be used until after the first week after treatment or when the surgeon provides medical clearance to do so.

When allowed to resume wearing makeup, use clean brushes and tools. Always wash your hands with gentle antibacterial soap before touching the skin to prevent introducing bacteria and germs to the area to reduce the chances of infection and complications.

Avoid Certain Activities – Strenuous activities, exercising, swimming, tanning, and other high-risk activities increase the risk of trauma, infection, and complications. For the first week, the treatment area is essentially a fresh wound and should be treated accordingly. Patients should refrain from certain activities for the first day after treatment. To further minimize the risk of adverse effects and accidents that can compromise their results, patients should discuss their lifestyle behaviors with the surgeon prior to treatment and afterwards and follow all restrictions or recommendations.

Wear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen – Avoid spending too much time in the sun. The treatment area will be extremely sensitive and susceptible to the negative effects of aging and exposure to harsh elements, including the sun’s UV rays. Before heading outdoors, patients should apply sunscreen at all times to protect their skin from hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and other damaging side effects associated with sun exposure. Only zinc/titanium oxide sunscreen is recommended. Sunscreen should not be worn applied until 48 hours after the procedure unless the surgeon states otherwise.

Treat the Skin With Extra Care – It is not necessary to avoid cleansing the treated area while it heals. However, scrubbing products and harsh fabrics should be avoided until recovery is complete and the desired outcome is achieved. Applying too much pressure or force and using harsh products on the skin can cause additional trauma to the treated area and cause complications or poor results. Clean the skin with a gentle, soothing cleanser and warm water. Do not rub the skin dry. Use soft, patting motions to dry the skin to help prevent additional trauma, discomfort, and preserve the procedure’s results.

Hydrate the Body and Skin – Increase hydration to help keep the skin moisturized and enhance the healing process. A mild moisturizer may be used to help protect the skin from environmental elements while it heals. Patients can preserve their results and minimize the ongoing effects of aging with proper nutrition and fluid intake.

Some patients may have less than desired results after their first session and that is normal. Sometimes, multiple Morpheus 8 treatments administered over the course of several months may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Are You Ready for the Morpheus 8 Experience?

Morpheus8 offers immediate and long-term results by eliminating acne, scars, and stretch marks to restore proper texture, tone, and skin health. It’s also great at reducing the appearance of puffiness and swelling, superficial capillaries, and more. Morpheus 8 rejuvenates the skin by getting rid of old, dead skin and increasing the production of new, refreshed skin. The procedure is suitable for most skin types and tones.

To learn more about Morpheus 8 and how it can help you achieve your skin or body goals, call the Dermatology Institute of Southern California at (310) 392-1111 to set up a consultation.

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