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Restylane® Kysse

Restylane® Kysse


What Is Restylane Kysse?


Restylane Kysse is the latest in Restylane’s line of anti-aging and other cosmetic products. This brand-new type of lip filler injection consists of a special formula that was designed to enhance the volume of your lips while providing a more natural appearance than other types of lip fillers. It makes your lips a bit larger and fuller without looking fake, and it can also help treat wrinkles in the upper perioral area. Like other types of Restylane cosmetic injections, it is used to smooth and shape a particular area of your face.

Restylane Kysse Treatment Schedule

Restylane Kysse treatment can last up to nine months, but you should plan on receiving your next treatment within 4-6 months in order to maintain full, beautiful lips. If needed, you can also have more filler added starting two weeks after your initial injection(s) if you feel your lips are not as full as you would like them to be. Although most people receive lip filler injections with no severe side effects or recovery time needed, we recommend receiving your first treatment 2-4 weeks in advance of any major events in case you experience an unexpected allergic reaction or wish to add more formula to reach your desired level of plumpness.

Cost of Restylane Kysse

Like all cosmetic procedures, Kysse is not covered by health insurance.

Common Side Effects

Although most people experience minimal pain and swelling shortly after receiving lip filler injections, more severe side effects are rare. You may also experience minor itching, headaches, or bruising, and more serious effects could include vision problems or scarring.

Is Restylane Kysse Right for Me?

Restylane Kysse is generally a safe option with minimal side effects. However, it is important to note that it is only FDA-approved for use by adults over age 21, and it should not be used by anyone who is allergic to any of the product’s ingredients or a history of anaphylaxis. You should plan to discuss any health issues you have with your dermatologist to determine whether Restylane Kysse is safe for you and meets your needs. In most cases, Restylane Kysse may be right for you if you are dissatisfied with the current shape or fullness of your lips and are interested in customizing the appearance of your face.

At Dermatology Institute of Southern California, we are proud to make the newest cosmetic products on the market available to our patients. Restylane Kysse is one of 2020’s most promising lip filler products for patients interested in adjusting the fullness of their lips while maintaining a natural appearance. It can also be combined with other types of Restylane injections to sculpt your face with products of a similar consistency and reliability.

Contact us today to speak with one of our dermatologists about whether Restylane Kysse may be right for you!

Before and After Photos

 Restylane Kysse in the upper lip

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