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Under Eye Circles

Under Eye Circles

When you have under eye circles it is always the first thing you see. Tea bags, cucumbers and the latest eye cream do little to reduce the darkness and revive your appearance. There are many reasons why under eye circles appear and just as many ways to treat them with the best Los Angeles dermatologist team.

At Dermatology Institute of Southern California we are committed to providing exceptional and individualized services to achieve the best results possible. Named the Los Angeles Top Doctors of 2018, our Los Angeles dermatologists routinely treat issues like under eye circles and other cosmetic and medical problems. Our years of experience combined with the latest equipment found in both our Santa Monica and Beverly Hills locations are what make us uniquely qualified to treat your skin and banish your blemishes.

How do we get under eye circles?

Under eye circles can be caused by two main factors: age and fatigue. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and it begins to thin and sag. The skin around the eye is very delicate so when this happens it can make the blood vessels underneath more visible. This makes the area seem darker.
The other common cause is fatigue. When we are tired our eyes get puffy and this can cause shadows underneath the eye. It’s hard to believe, but something so simple can really wreak havoc on our appearance! Other causes could include allergies, smoking and genetics.

What do under eye circles look like?

Deep crevices underneath the eyelid are referred to as troughs. These take on a darker appearance as we age or as the eyelid swells. We therefore look like we have dark rings underneath our eyes. It makes us appear more tired, worn and generally less attractive.

When do under eye circles start?

Under eye circles can really begin at any time and they can be different for everyone. Under eye circles can appear in times of stress and extreme fatigue or when we are older and begin to experience signs of aging. For that reason, there is no specific timeline for seeking treatment for under eye circles.

Why turn to cosmetic advancements?

Under eye circles make you appear tired and haggard. It makes it much more difficult to achieve that fresh and energized look that we all crave. Mild cases can be masked with an effective makeup regiment but this can be very time consuming. More severe cases are not easily masked and the amount of makeup needed can appear cakey and draw even more attention to this area. Since treatments for under eye circles are non-invasive and quick, we recommend seeking longer lasting solutions.


Laser resurfacing is very effective because it is a layered approach. In the short term, the top layer of skin is removed to reveal the healthier and brighter skin beneath. In the long term, it stimulates collagen production which tightens the skin and gives it a smoother and more voluminous appearance.

Microneedling is also very effective at boosting collagen and repairing the skin around the eyes. It uses tiny needles to create wounds on the surface of the skin, which in tern cause the skin to regenerate. When it does, it is new, fresh, healthy skin free of stains and discoloration.

Photodynamic therapy helps to restore the tone and texture of the skin with excellent results. The treatment increases the production of certain proteins that reduce under eye circles and create a fresh and youthful appearance.

In cases where the circles are caused by shadows from puffy lids we use injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvéderm to add volume to the lower lid. This fills the trough and the area no longer makes a shadow leaving you looking younger and fresher.

Book your consultation with the Los Angeles dermatologists who have the solution for your under eye circles. There is no reason to continue wasting time with makeup that leaves underwhelming results. Treat your under eye circles today and look as good as you feel!

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