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Forehead Wrinkles & Treatment in Los Angeles

Forehead Wrinkles & Treatment in Los Angeles

Over time, the creases that are created in our brow when we frown, squint or worry create permanent wrinkles on our forehead. In addition, aging skin loses elasticity and begins to wrinkle naturally. Forehead wrinkles are therefore very common and almost inevitable. But this doesn’t make them any more desirable!

The doctors and skin specialists at Dermatology Institute of Southern California are experts in skin care and cosmetic dermatology. Listed as Castle Connolly Top Doctors and Super Doctors of Southern California, they have earned a reputation as one of the best Los Angeles dermatologist teams. Led by board certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist Daniel Behroozan, they are the physicians and specialists to consult for every type of medical or cosmetic treatment, including forehead wrinkles. Both of their state of the art facilities, located in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills respectively, are ready to welcome you like family. If you are searching for the best Los Angeles dermatologist group there is no need to look further.

How do we get forehead wrinkles?

Lines on our forehead are created naturally when we make certain movements and expressions with our face. Over time, those lines become deeper and more permanent resulting in forehead wrinkles. The second cause is equally natural: they are a symptom of aging. As we age our skin creates less collagen and loses its volume and suppleness. This causes our skin to loosen and sag, which leads to deeper wrinkles.

What do forehead wrinkles look like?

Forehead wrinkles appear as horizontal lines over the brow. Often called worry lines, they make the person look more stressed, more tired, and worst of all – older. They may start as fine lines, but eventually forehead wrinkles can become quite deep.

When do forehead wrinkles start?

Although many believe wrinkles appear with age, people with very expressive faces can get them early on. For that reason, there is no specific timeline for seeking treatment for forehead wrinkles.

Why turn to cosmetic advancements?

Forehead wrinkles are very hard to hide with makeup. Often, they are deep and makeup sinks into the crevices, exaggerating the wrinkles. Without make up they are equally noticeable and add age and fatigue to your appearance. Since treatment for forehead wrinkles is simple and subtle, it is an easy decision to opt for a cosmetic solution, especially since the best dermatologists in Los Angeles are at your disposal.

Treatment for Forehead Wrinkles in Los Angeles

Despite being a persistent blemish on your appearance, forehead wrinkles are easy to treat. There are many treatment options and all of them are quick with no downtime or discomfort. The most common treatments are Botox or Dysport, which are injected into the area to relax the muscles of the forehead and smooth their appearance. This process consists of a fifteen minute in office procedure with no downtime and no recovery. It’s easy, effective and well maintained with follow up treatments every few months.

Book your consultation today with the Los Angeles dermatologists who have the most knowledge and experience to treat this issue or any others that might be troubling you. At your appointment we will discuss it in more detail and go over which treatment options are best for you. We know that each person is different and we believe that each person deserves to have skin they love. Call today and start loving yours!




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