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Dr. Daniel Behroozan – Patient Reviews

Below are written reviews that were sent to Dr. Behroozan by his current and former patients. Read about the procedures Dr. Behroozan performed and whether or not they were satisfied with their experience at our Santa Monica and Beverly Hills practice. As one of the best dermatologists in Southern California, Dr. Behroozan gets referrals to diagnose and treat skin conditions as well as perform cosmetic treatments.
Dermatology Institute of Southern California
– Written by Michael O.

Dr. Behroozan is an absolute amazing dermatologist!!! I went to him when I decided to try botox and fillers for the first time. I was super nervous and hesitant to follow through with the procedures, until my girlfriend referred me to Dr. Behroozan. After my first visit I could not have been more pleased. He is not only gentle and patient, but very honest and to the point. He will NEVER do a procedure on one of his patients that is unreasonable or unneeded. I look forward to my future office visits and I love the results, I look natural and I feel beautiful!

– Written by Natalie B.

I had a skin irritation that could not be diagnosed after seeing 6 different doctors. My friend referred me to Dr. Behroozan. I came in and was greeted by the kindest secretaries and got called in in less than 5 minutes. Never have I met a nicer Doctor in my entire life. Not only did he treat my remedy, but he also taught me how to keep a clean environment to protect my skin. Dr. Behroozan is by far the best Dermatologist this city has seen, and I recommend him to everybody that has any kind of skin issue. I have already referred him to all of my friends. This guy is unbelievable.

– Written by Brandon S.

I’m very picky about my face and how it looks. Dr. B does my Botox and does it well. Never had a problem and everyone says I look so “well- rested”- Yeah right, it’s the Botox! – I trust him more than anyone in town hands down. Do yourself a favor, look no further, and if you want something cosmetic done – he’s your guy. Tell him Yelp sent you!

– Written by Amy C.

I have been seeing Dr Behroozan for years, and now I started doing the fraxel. He is so patient, calm, and I am so happy with my results so far. I highly recommend Dr Behroozan to everyone! I am so happy I have a Good Derm, and never have to switch again. AND I love that he has an office in SM and BH! And they are both so nice!

– Written by Sara R.

I have been going to dermatologists all my life in the Beverly Hills area and Dr Behroozan is by far the best in my opinion. He has been able to identify pre cancerous moles on my body that no other dermatologist had noticed before. Some of these moles had to be further excised and ultimately I felt more comfortable having Dr Behroozan perform the procedure over any of the plastic surgeons I saw. My scarring is so minimal and the process was completely painless. Dr Behroozan also has laser equipment that few others have and it diminished my scar even further. More importantly, I know that I am in the best hands with my health. Dr Behroozan genuinely cares about his patients and it really comes through in his work. My husband and I both see Dr Behroozan regularly and he has been an amazing life saver…literally! I am just so happy I walked in his office when I did… He also carries some of the best cleansers and creams I have ever used!

– Written by Aaron R.

Dr. Behroozan was incredibly gracious and super efficient. I was in and out of the office in under 30 mins and that is with people in front of me and having a small procedure done. He did what he needed to and it was super easy. Any other issues that I have with my skin I am definitley going back to have Dr. B take care of.

– Written by Lady B.

This Dr. Is not only knowledgeable in his craft but he’s also friendly, down to earth and patient. He made me feel at ease. He let me know that I would be okay and that if he has samples of the prescribed medication then he would give them to me to help out with the cost since I am a cash patient. I dig Dr. Behroozan and his staff a whole lot. I can’t wait to see how my skin will look in a few weeks and I will be back to update you on my progress!

– Written by C.J.

I found Dr. Behroozan on yelp, actually, and I am grateful to all those who posted because I couldn’t be happier! I initially went for a consultation, and after speaking with Dr. Behroozan, I was convinced; he is genuine, definitely one of the best in his field, and more than willing to work with his patients on a plan that is genuinely best for the patient. He has zero ulterior motives, unlike many doctors who try to sell you procedures you don’t need.

He was completely honest, and his staff is equally great. Alexa also thoroughly and patiently explained again and again every option and every procedure to me, and answered my endless questions both over the phone and email. I decided to do the CO2 laser procedure for my face; a lifetime of summers spent in the sun, then living in LA, plus a history of skin cancer in my family, I wanted to get rid of the sundamaged skin, and take off a few years of lines (I’m mid 30s) as well.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. An intern asked me the other day if I was 23… that says it all! And during the downtime (it does take 4-5 days of hanging out at home and applying vinegar compresses after this laser while your skin heals) Dr. B not only called to check on me during the weekend, but was available by cell 24/7 should I need anything at all.

If you’ve ever considered any procedures, or just need a great dermatologist, I highly highly recommend Dr. Behroozan. You will be feel like you are the most special patient they have, and you’ll receive top treatment. He’s the best!

– Written by Abigail R.

I came out to Los Angeles and found a Dermatologist down on Wilshire someplace. Worst Dr. ever. After a few months of being sold beauty creams and being told I didn’t need accutane (I had pretty severe acne that I’d been on antibiotics for for over 10 years with many different derms…) and being sold expensive facials, I was fed up. I looked up Dr. Behroozan on a whim via yelp desperate for help. It coudn’t have been a better whim! He’s absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST dermatologist I’ve ever been too. He’s to the point, knows his stuff, and HELPS You most of all.

The first time I saw him, he totally sympathized with my “I’m sick of antibioitcs” dilemma and immediately recommended Accutane. I had to stop it early due to complications, but it pretty much cleared my skin completely regardless. Throughout the process he was understanding and awesome about everything. He also gives out many free samples so you can try creams and gels before you commit to a $30.00 medication. And even then, he usually gives you a coupon for it!

He also cleared up a wart that refused to go away. I had several warts on one of my feet that after about 6 freezing sessions, he then went to the laser. It cleared my warts up in just two days. It was amazing. He helped me cut down the cost as much as possible too on that treatment as it wasn’t covered by my insurance. Last year I had a nasty case of ezema that was all over my body. He prescribed a steroid that knocked it out in just a few days. Was great.

He’s a great guy, a REAL DR. not some beauty treatment guy and is just really cool. Even when I go in the office now for the occasional rash etc. he always remembers me and comments on my past treatments. He’s very genuine.

Thanks Dr. B!

– Written by Steve F.

I have been going to Dr. Behroozan for nearly a year now. I was referred by my good friend who is a pharmaceutical rep and sees dozens of dermatologists every month. I have been impressed by Dr. Behroozan’s care, knowledge and integrity. He gives his diagnoses to me without any sugar coating and he has never tried to upsell me. I have had two biopsies and laser hair removal and they have been quick, easy and relatively painless procedures. I would definitely recommend him and I will continue to see him in the future.

– Written by Marcia S.

Dr. Behroozan is an amazing doctor ! I needed to see him immediately for my 4 year old daughter who had a skin issue on her eyelid. This was truly an emergency and I didn’t want to take her to the ER. Dr. Behroozan saw her right away and soothed my crying child like a pro. His technique is so gentle and caring. Her eyelid looks amazing and will have no scarring. It is rare these days to find a truly talented doctor that cares about his patients this much and does not rush you out of the office. Dr. Behroozan is a real gem in the medical field!

– Written by Jackie C.

Dr. B. (as we all call him) is kind, honest, caring, considerate of your finances and has a huge heart. I felt like I knew him forever, even at my first visit. I worked in the medical field for most of my life, and had a long career at UCLA. Dr. B.’s experience and credentials are well known and he is well respected in the medical community. My UCLA internist, whose own wife is a patient of Dr. B., referred me. I have seen him for over a year, for a variety of reasons both medical and cosmetic. ALWAYS, I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. B. and his staff. He is extremely gentle when performing even the smallest procedure. He scolds himself, if so much as a tiny bruise should accidentally result. He will NEVER recommend, or even allow, treatment beyond what is necessary. I have worked for many physicians, and promise you that Dr. B. is an unusually nice man. You will find that you forget that he is your doctor and feel that he is your friend.

I was tragically disabled 15 years ago, and have been through hell medically, emotionally, financially…you cannot begin to imagine. Dr. B. does not even know what happened to me, himself. He did not need to know. As soon as he heard that I was disabled, that was all he needed to hear. He has poured his heart and soul into doing everything he can for me. He said, “You are way too young for this, Jackie.” My first visit was for cosmetic reasons. I was too embarrassed to admit that I could not afford the treatment. I did not have to, Dr. B. sensed that already. Two weeks later, his assistant phoned me, to say that Dr. B. felt I deserved to have the treatment done free of cost! I thought I was dreaming! He erased those 15 years of pain from my face and restored me to my natural look (I had been a model since I was very young). His work was flawless and painless. People who know me were thrilled to see my pretty face reappear! I get very emotional just trying to tell you the elation I felt and the self-confidence he restored in me. The procedures he performed would have cost me thousands of dollars, which I do not have. I did not request anything from Dr. B. It was out of the goodness of his heart that he did all of this for me – and I had only met him one time! He is truly an incredible man and doctor.

This is not just a job for Dr. B. He is a humanitarian. I know that he sacrifices money for the sake of helping people. He is generous with samples, offers discount packages, and accepts Care Credit card with interest free promotions.

I am honored to have Dr. B. as my doctor and savior. My mom passed away a few months ago, with me by her side. She looked at me and said, “You are so beautiful, it almost hurts me to look at you.”

I continue to see him regularly for upkeep. Now, that I have my fresh face back, I take advantage of his many skin care lines and just got an amazing lightweight foundation with SPF 50. His products are backed with medically proven ingredients and results, for the same price as fake products sold in department stores.

Do yourself a huge favor and call Dr. B. for a consultaion, now. Look what he did for me! I have referred many people to him, and they have all been thrilled as well. He is a rare find in this city of imposters! Tell him Jackie sent you! I give you my word you will be happy!

– Written by Ashley H.

Dr. Behroozan is a knowledgeable doctor who is very sensitive to his patient’s concerns.

I went to him with periodontal dermititis which I’ve had for 12 years and had yet to find successful treatment. He gave me a few medications and asked I let him know how they worked. Some did and some didn’t, but he was patient with the process and trusted me.

Now, after treatment, my skin is finally clear!

He was aware of the cost of some medications and always gave me coupons and samples. He worked within my insurance to give me the best possible prices for all treatment and prescriptions.

My insurance has changed an does not cover him anymore, however I will never go to another dermatologist. I have been to several over the years and have never seen results or gotten the kind of personal attention and thoughtfulness exhibited by Dr. Behroozan and his staff.

Highly recommend!

– Written by Johanna N.

I got severe acne a few years ago. As a professional model this could be the end to my career so I turned to dr Behroozan to get rid of it. He put me on a regimen and problem solved. I was a demanding patient with lots of frustration and despair, he knew how to handle me and comfort me with his professionalism and honesty. This ‘magic’ got me hooked and tremendously grateful cause now I’m well known for my perfect skin!

I also had eczema flareups that he cured. And his botox/dysport work: fabulous! He knows how to make it to look perfectly natural and tells you what you SHOULD hear, not what you always want to hear. This means you trust his opinion and advice.

Dr Behroozan is the best dermatologist I’ve had and I will never switch. I am already concerned about where to when he retires in about 100 years from now lol…. You will NOT get disappointed with this extremely skilled dermatologist and trust me there is no acne he cannot help.

5 – Written by Marcia. M

I’m so glad and relieved I found Dermatologist Daniel Behroozan of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills

I was referred by another Santa Monica skin doctor who doesn’t remove skin cancers! That was a first for me, a dermatologist who doesn’t remove skin cancers.

Since my teens I’ve been going to a dermatologist for various things, small and serious. For years I was lucky enough to go to Dr. Norman Orentriech of New York City, he is absolutely renowned in his field. Even when I moved back to Los Angeles I would wait for my trips to New York to see him. He retired a few years ago and ever since I’ve been trying to find a dermatologist of his caliber in Los Angeles. I’ve been to 5 doctors in the L.A area but when you’ve been fortunate enough to have gone to the best its hard not to make comparisons. I got lucky again when I found Dr. Behroozan and for the past 3 years he has been taking care of my skin needs from cosmetic to the very serious and I can unconditionally recommend him.

– Written by Ashley B.

After calling around to a few derms. that I found on yelp, I decided on Dr. Behroozan. Making an appointment was fairly easy ($155 for a consolation). I received a confirmation call the day before my appointment (which is always helpful). On the day of my scheduled appointment, I called to see whether I could come earlier in the day. They granted my request.

The facility is very clean and I found the staff to be very friendly. I was called on shortly after completing the typical initial paperwork. The nurse I spoke to was very friendly (I can’t remember her name). We discussed the reason for my visit in depth. She reassured me that everything would be taken care of and that I should not worry.

Dr. Behroozan saw me about 10 minutes later. I found him to be both friendly and knowledgeable. He gave me the opportunity to express my concerns. He also asked plenty of questions to help him get to the root of my problem. Dr. Behroozan was very sensitive to that fact that I am currently without medical insurance, provided me with samples, and gave me affordable Rx options. He told me not to hesitate to give him a call if I had further questions or concerns regarding my suggested treatment.

I highly recommend Dr. Behroozan and look forward to my follow up (in hopes that my skin problem shows signs of clearing up)

– Written by Eric

I‘m a journalist and get paid to write and the last thing I want to do in free time is pen reviews.

But after my experience with Dr Behroozan I feel compelled to share just how wonderful Dr. B and all his staff are.

I came to the practice by sheer chance – my primary care physician Dr Hopper has offices on the floor above Dr. B’s Santa Monica office. I had what looked like a flat pimple on the side of my nose that wouldn’t pop and hadn’t gone away in three months; it had no color to it and was only slightly raised. When my regular doc saw it he suggested I see a dermatologist and recommended Dr Behroozan downstairs. It was a Friday and I asked for the next available appointment. They fit me in the following Tuesday.

From my first visit I was impressed – Monica on the front desk had me fill out the regular forms and before I knew it Sandra whisked me through and into a treatment rooms. They gave my whole body a once over – using an iPad to take pictures of any moles they wanted to monitor for future reference. After that the doctor performed a biopsy on the spot on my nose that was the primary reason for the visit. I was told in a matter-of-fact but caring way that it could be a cancer or could be nothing but I would have results back within the week. I was also given pamphlets on skin care and what to look out for myself with regards to monitoring my skin as well as a description of the MOHS procedure if the results came back positive for cancer.

Sure enough I got a call from the office the following week and was told the spot was indeed cancer – Basal Cell Carcinoma. I was told to come in on Wednesday for a consultation with Dr Behroozan and that if I elected to have the MOHS procedure I would most likely be operated on that Friday. The consultation was great and Dr Behroozan put me at ease immediately. I’d been looking at Google images of Basal Cell Carcinomas and the results from operations since the diagnosis. “Stop doing that,” he told me. He said it was most likely not too deep and the procedure would be easy. He recommended MOHS because of the position of the tumor on my face and the fact MOHS gives the best outcomes in terms of the likelihood of recurrence and cosmetic results. Unfortunately, he told me he was now fully booked for the Friday and I would have to wait until a following Friday to be seen. That didn’t work for me – I was due to fly home to the UK and didn’t want to have cancer quite literally on my head and in my thoughts for a three-week vacation.

Dr Behroozan noted my concern and told me he would see what he could do. An hour later the office called me and said I could come in that Friday at 7am. Only later did I find out that Dr Behroozan had told his staff about my situation and asked them if they minded coming in early to accommodate me. They all agreed to come in early – a wonderful act of kindness on their part.

On the day of the surgery they numbed me up and took the first layer off to inspect the margins. After placing a temporary bandage on Dr B put on Pandora for me to listen to and gave me the WiFi password so I could surf the net as I waited in the treatment room. When he came back a half-hour later there was still some cancer in there – he took another layer and I once again sat back and relaxed. When he returned he told me they had got it all – they said they could leave the wound to heal on its own or they could stitch it up – I chose to have it stitched up as I’m terrible at touching my face and didn’t want to get it infected. Dr B sowed it up beautifully, gave me a course of antibiotics, instructions on caring for the wound and I was on my way out the door.

Over the weekend the wound seemed to be healing fine but there were pimples springing up all around the area. On Monday I called the office and asked if it was normal, I sent in a picture too for Dr B to look at. They told me to come in immediately; I was actually annoyed and thought it was unnecessary – stupid reaction on my part. It turned out that I’d had an allergic reaction to the cream or the bandage. I was told to discontinue using them and given a new cream. My nose improved over night and Dr B called personally to check how I was the next day. He removed the stitches on Thursday – less than a week after the surgery. Amazingly, as I looked in the mirror I could barely notice any difference to my nose pre-op. It was a little red but no scab, barely any redness and no sign of a scar.

I am unbelievably pleased with the results. Friends who hadn’t seen me in the week the op took place couldn’t even tell anything had happened. Dr Behroozan and his staff are amazing. I cant rate them highly enough – I have recommend them to everyone I’ve spoken to since this all happened.

This is my way of saying thank you. You were all outstanding.

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