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Molluscum Contagiosum, Warts and Genital Warts

It’s easy to confuse genital warts and molluscum. They appear rather similar at first, but upon closer inspection, these conditions vary in many ways. Most people get nervous at the first sight of molluscum or warts on their skin. This is a completely normal reaction and can be alleviated by a proper diagnosis. To determine the type of lesions on your skin, whether they are molluscum, genital warts or other kinds of warts, you should visit a board-certified dermatologist.

At the Dermatology Institute of Southern California, we examine several distinguishing factors to properly diagnose and treat your skin concerns. Our team of expert dermatologists treats non-cancerous skin growths and serves clients in the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica areas. With extensive experience, our highly trained team of skincare specialists and physicians can help alleviate any concern you may be experiencing with your skin.

Understanding the Difference Between Genital Warts, Molluscum Contagiosum and Warts

  Molluscum Contagiosum Genital Warts (HPV) Warts
Color Flesh colored or pink Pink or red Flesh colored, white or pink
Size Two to five millimeters Two to three centimeters Varies
Cause The molluscum contagiosum virus The human papillomavirus (HPV) Human papillomavirus (HPV)
Location Face
Internal/external genitals
Around the vagina/anus
On the penis
Symptoms Small shiny, raised bumps
Does not itch
Appears single or in groups
Causes sores
Increased vaginal discharge & changes in menstrual bleeding
Cauliflower shape
Appear single or in groups
Small, dense lumps
Dark, flat and smooth
Can occur anywhere on the body

Santa Monica and Beverly Hills Treatments for Genital Warts

Receiving a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan is key to minimizing infection, maintaining healthy skin and preventing molluscum contagiosum, genital warts and warts from spreading to other people.

  • Cryosurgery: Our Beverly Hills and Santa Monica skin care experts utilize cryosurgery to safely freeze away genital warts, molluscum or other warts with liquid nitrogen.
  • V-Beam Laser: FDA-approved beams of laser energy precisely destroy the blood vessels responsible for feeding the wart. Pulse dye laser wart removal is ideal for stubborn warts, resistant to liquid nitrogen and salicylic acid or other chemical agents.
  • Aldara (imiquimod): When prescribed by a professional dermatologist, this topical wart cream helps your body destroy genital, molluscum and other warts and resist future growth. However, it is not a cure for HPV.
  • Cantharone: Cantharidin, which is secreted by the blister beetle insect and is used in the Cantharone treatment, is one of the quickest ways to remove warts and molluscum. Cantharidin acts as a burn agent in small, carefully prepared treatment doses. Once the skin care specialist paints it on your skin, the blisters are safely peeled off the offending area.
  • Candida Antigen: These injections are ideal for wart clusters on the hands, feet or isolated regions of the body. The wart treatment lessens the relapse rate but does come with its own side effects.

Genital Wart Removal and Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment in Los Angeles

When it’s time to decide on a dermatologist for genital wart diagnosis and removal, there is no better choice in Los Angeles than our comprehensive team of skincare experts. We have been serving Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills for many years with excellent patient care results.

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