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Skin Discolorations and Growths

We consult with many patients who are unhappy with the appearance of skin discolorations and growths on the surface of their skin. Over time, these growths become more common and prevalent, due to years of sun exposure. Three of the most common types of skin growths and discolorations that we treat are seborrheic keratoses, sun spots, and age spots (solar lentigines). We use the latest treatments available to treat these discolorations and restore a smooth, even skin.

The dermatologists at The Dermatology Institute of Southern California are the best in the Santa Monica and Beverly Hills area. They are board certified in dermatology and are leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Led by Dr. Behroozan who was named one of America’s Top Dermatologists five years in a row by the Consumer Research Council of America, the team of experts will work with you to achieve the exact results you imagined for your skin.

Seborrheic Keratoses

This refers to a common form of skin growth. These non-cancerous growths appear on adults and are normally painless. Despite being harmless, their presence can cause concern due to their wart-like, elevated, and waxy appearance. Book your consultation today to have your skin growth examined and removed by our specialists here in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills at the The Dermatology Institute of Southern California. Led by Dr. Behroozan who was named a Los Angeles SuperDoctor in 2016, our doctors are expertly trained and have been helping patients experience immediate and lasting results.

Sun Spots (Solar Lentigo)

Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause darker patches on the skin. These can vary in shape and size. Although harmless, their appearance may be unappealing. This kind of skin discoloration and patching can be easily removed right here in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills by our team of cosmetic dermatologists at The Dermatology Institute of Southern California.

Skin Discolorations and Growths

Brown Spots

Another innocuous skin discoloration, brown spots are caused by the overproduction of pigment cells called melanin. They are associated with age, sun exposure and fairer skin and may be unsightly but they can be removed quickly and easily. Our treatments at The Dermatology Institute of Southern California are top of the line in cosmetic dermatology and expertly performed by our celebrated team of doctors. Read about our treatments for skin growths, discoloration or patches below and book a consultation to see us in our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills offices.

Courses of Treatment


This is the process of removing damaged skin cells and growths by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. Similar to an extreme frostbite, the area that is frozen reddens and blisters, revealing new and healthy skin beneath.

About this treatment:

  • Very quick and simple
  • Very effective
  • Non Invasive
  • Side effects are temporary

Chemical peels

As simple as its name suggests, a chemical peel is a chemical solution that is applied to the face to allow the top layer of skin to exfoliate and peel off. This allows new and less damaged skin to grow. While some peels are slow to work, our expert cosmetic dermatologists in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica use a quick acting and highly effective peel. ViPeel™ is an advanced peel that is quicker and leaves your skin immediately refreshed and rejuvenated. Read more about this treatment and book an appointment with our specialists today.

About this treatment:

  • Very fast
  • Immediate results
  • Side effects are temporary

Lasers (Fraxel and Fractionated co2)

Laser treatment of damaged skin areas is another method of treating sun and age spots. There are two main types of laser treatments. Our Fraxel® Laser Treatment targets only damaged areas and penetrates underneath the skin’s surface to affect the cells and trigger new skin growth. This treatment has less downtime but may involve numerous treatments.

Fractionated co2 laser treatments use light beams to heat and remove the top layer of skin. It is a more intensive treatment and is therefore done only once. The recovery time for this is slightly longer than the Fraxel®. Book your consultation today to discuss these options in advanced laser treatments with our experienced dermatologists.


An effective means of treating pigmentation and spots, microneedling is becoming very popular. It essentially boosts your skin into regenerating itself when the tiny needles of the pen injure the skin. The top layer of skin becomes dry and peels off to reveal healthy new skin beneath.

About this treatment:

  • Quick
  • Chemical free
  • No side effects
  • Long lasting results

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The doctors at The Dermatology Institute of Southern California are the team of expert dermatologists in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills to treat skin spots and growths. Our doctors are certified by The American Board of Dermatology and The American Academy of Dermatology and they are conveniently located and available for consultation to begin the journey of treating and restoring your skin. Come and see us in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills to eliminate skin spots and discoloration and enjoy clear, rejuvenated skin!

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