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Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory condition of the skin that appears on the face. The symptoms vary slightly, but they commonly include redness of the skin and an unevenness caused by tiny pimples and swollen blood vessels. Rosacea tends to flare with certain topical or environmental triggers. These flares can come with burning, stinging and general discomfort. It is very important to treat rosacea early so that it doesn’t worsen, especially if it presents around the eyes.

If you’re looking for a rosacea doctor in the Los Angeles area, we encourage you to call Dermatology Institute Southern California today to book a consultation with our team of expert doctors. With locations in both Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, our board certified dermatologists can help treat and ease rosacea symptoms, helping you gain more confidence with clearer skin.

Courses of Treatment

Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser

With this type of treatment, laser beams are emitted with different colors depending on the area being treated. This treatment collapses blood vessels when light waves are absorbed. This drastically reduces redness and reveals a more youthful and even skin tone. Typically there are only three to five treatments needed and then some maintenance treatments. Results are usually seen immediately.


This is a topical antibiotic cream or gel that decreases the swelling and redness of rosacea. For those that have pimples associated with their rosacea, it may decrease these as well. It usually takes several weeks to see improvements but it is proven to work very well.


Similar in effect to Metrogel, this topical gel has different active ingredients that also fight redness and minimize pimples.


A daily topical cream that specifically targets the lesions and blemishes that accompany rosacea. This cream is anti-inflammatory and acts to reduce redness and pimples associated with rosacea. It also contains a moisturizer in order prevent skin irritation.


A daily topical cream that specifically targets the redness that accompanies rosacea. It constricts the blood vessels at the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of redness. This treatment is very fast acting with improvements seen within hours.


A daily topical gel that minimizes the redness of rosacea by reducing excessive blood flow similar to Rhofade.

Oral Antibiotics (Doxycycline, Minocycline, Oracea)

These usually act as anti-inflammatories that can reduce the redness and swelling of rosacea symptoms. They work faster than topical creams or gels and are sometimes used in combination for more immediate results.

Skin Care Products

By properly caring for your skin and avoiding ingredients that can trigger flares, you can reduce redness and blemishes. A personalized skin care regimen from our skin care line can significantly help to minimize the discomfort and appearance of rosacea. With daily use, products such as our PCA Dual Action Redness Relief can calm skin and decrease redness while purifying and hydrating the skin’s surface.

Rosacea Treatment in Los Angeles

Over time, rosacea can become more noticeable, and redness can become permanent. Don’t let these uncomfortable and distracting symptoms get in the way of your goals. Book a consultation with our expert doctors to determine a course of action and receive the most advanced treatment in Los Angeles. The Dermatology Institute Southern California is here to treat and reduce your rosacea symptoms and restore your skin and confidence!

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