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Fraxel Dual Thulium in Los Angeles

An advanced new laser technology can remove years of accumulated sun damage and pigmentation on your skin in a couple of treatments that are safe, fast and painless.

Fraxel Thulium is the newest enhancement in the ever-growing family of Fraxel lasers that have helped thousands of people achieve younger, clearer, smoother skin on their faces, arms, legs, chests, backs and other parts of their body. The Thulium 1927 fiber laser operates at a wavelength that is ideal for treating unsightly discoloration in the surface of the skin, including dark spots, freckles, rosacea or hyperpigmentation.

Fraxel Thulium uses a fractional method of skin resurfacing that protects healthy skin by limiting the amount of tissue treated in a single session. By dividing the skin into thousands of microscopic treatment zones (MTZ) and treating only those specific columns of tissue, the procedure minimizes the healing process required for the patient while achieving a positive effect overall.

A typical Fraxel Thulium procedure requires about 15 minutes to complete. Only a topical anesthesia is needed to numb the surface of the skin. Patients can achieve significant results with as few as one or two treatment sessions.

Because the procedure avoids any physical removal of skin, the recovery time for Fraxel Thulium treatments is minimal and feels similar to a mild sunburn. Patients can resume wearing make up within 1-2 days of the procedure. In the weeks that follow, the treated skin will undergo a natural process of regeneration. The skin will flake as the surface-level tissue begins to exfoliate. Within a week, fresh new skin will become visible, creating a renewed look of youth and clarity.

Dr. Behroozan is a California-based cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Fraxel Thulium procedures, as well as a range of other treatments in the Fraxel family. Dr. Behroozan will ask you what you wish to achieve with the procedure and explain what technologies are available to help you get younger, newer-looking skin.

“Thulium wavelength” lasers are the technology of choice for patients looking to address surface pigmentations and blemishes. But for patients also interested in erasing fine lines, wrinkles, scars or birthmarks, the Thulium laser can also be combined with another Fraxel technology—the Erbium laser—that uses a different wavelength to reach deeper into the skin and stimulate collagen growth. Together, the lasers use a platform called Fraxel DUAL that offers greater impact, while reducing the overall number of sessions required.

Fraxel DUAL is a highly versatile procedure that allows the surgeon to treat a variety of skin imperfections simultaneously. With a simple switch function, the surgeon can alternate between the two lasers at once to achieve the best possible results in the fewest numbers of treatment sessions. Ultimately, this efficiency translates into less time off from your daily routine.

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