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Fat Reduction by Fat Freezing

If you’ve heard about fat freezing in Los Angeles, you may be wondering if this is science fiction. Indeed, this breakthrough fat reduction treatment does sound like something out of a futuristic movie, and it may even sound too good to be true; however, reducing body fat in targeted areas through fat freezing is actually based on scientific fat and has been proven to reduce body fat in certain areas by an average of 20%. Individuals wishing to undergo fat freezing in West Hollywood can make an appointment at either of our offices – we are conveniently located in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Years ago, it was discovered that fat cells would die when exposed to very cold temperatures in a process called cyropolis. Fat tissue is damaged at a higher temperature than your skin, thus the surrounding tissue is not damaged during the fat freezing process. When fat cells die, the body natural eliminates them through its elimination processes. During the fat freezing process, the same is true – the destroyed fat cells are eliminated by the body over the coming months, with the most dramatic results typically being seen around 2 months. Based upon this, Zeltiq engineered the Coolsculpting device to safely bring this technology to patients wishing to reduce areas of stubborn fat deposits. Exercise and diet are not always able to reduce fat around the abdomen, love handles, and back, leading some patients to seek their doctor’s assistance in achieving the body they desire. Until the introduction of Coolsculpting, options were limited to invasive procedures such as liposuction. Our Doctor is thrilled to offer Cool sculpting in Beverly Hills to patients looking for a non-surgical way to reduce body fat and achieve a natural appearance.

While the science and technology behind fat freezing may sound complicated, the treatment itself is quite straightforward. Our doctor will position the Cool sculpting device over the targeted area. The device will then gently lift the skin up between two cooling plates. You will feel a very cold sensation as the treatment begins, but this will dissipate quickly. During the procedure, which will last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the area(s) being treated, you can rest, read, or listen to music. Afterwards, your skin may feel numb or tingly, which is perfectly normal. Some patients experience redness or minor bruising, which will dissipate in the days following the procedure. Unlike invasive fat reduction procedures, there is no downtime after Coolsculpting. You may resume normal activities immediately, while your body begins eliminating the dead fat cells.

Fat freezing is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. This technology can help us achieve the bodies we desire, without the cost, time, or pain associated with invasive fat reduction procedures. To learn more about how fat freezing can improve your body, make an appointment at one of our Southern California locations today.

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