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Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

A very common skin condition, eczema (atopic dermatitis) manifests as itchy, swollen, inflamed areas of skin. The itching that always accompanies this condition is very intense and causes acute discomfort. Eczema typically begins in early childhood and in some cases is outgrown, and is more common in patients who have asthma or allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies). While eczema cannot be cured, it can be treated and managed with the help of our team of doctors at The Dermatology Institute of Southern California in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Our board certified dermatologists have worked with numerous patients to reduce the discomfort and appearance of eczema with specialized and effective treatments. Contact us today and we can begin creating a plan to calm your eczema and minimize flares.

Eczema Treatment

Courses of Eczema Treatment

Topical steroids

This is the most common treatment for eczema that relieves inflammation. When corticosteroid containing creams are applied to the skin, the redness and itching decreases and allows skin to heal. These types of treatments can only be used for short periods of time due to the potential for side effects, but offer immediate, quick relief. There are a number of different types, brands and strengths, so book a consultation with us in our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills offices to discuss this course of treatment for your eczema.


For mild to moderate eczema, this newest non-steroidal topical ointment is an available option. It can be used on children as young as two years of age and can be used on all skin types and almost any part of the body. It works both above and below the surface of the skin to target a particular enzyme that may be responsible for inflammation. It is not a steroid and is paraben, fragrance, and animal by-product free making it friendly and accessible to a wide range of patients.


For adults with moderate to severe eczema who don’t respond to topical treatment, there is an now a new injectable prescription medication. Classified as a biologic drug, Dupixent treats the eczema at the molecular level by calming the immune system and minimizing the production of the inflammatory products mistakenly attacking the body. Clinical trials have shown this treatment to be very effective by both reducing the itch and clearing skin.


A short term treatment for mild to moderate eczema, Elidel is a non-steroidal topical cream that is applied to the inflamed area. It is used when other treatments fail to be effective. Categorized as an immunosuppressant, this treatment works by changing the skin’s immunity and minimizing allergic reactions of the skin.


Another immunosuppressant, Protopic is a non-steroid topical ointment that suppresses the immune system in order to minimize flares that cause redness and itching. This treatment is for severe eczema and is usually a last resort medication.

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Eczema is a frustrating and painful condition. Don’t suffer through the itching and discomfort another day. Consult our dermatologists in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and start the eczema treatment that is best for you. Here at The Dermatology Institute of Southern California, we understand how consuming eczema can be. Let our doctors put an end to your itchy skin so that you can start focusing on all the other wonderful things around you!

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