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Chin & Jawline Enhancement

At the Dermatology Institute of Southern California, we offer non-surgical techniques for chin and jawline enhancement that can accentuate and bring out the chin, enhance the prominence of the jaw, and tighten sagging skin in the jowls and neck with minimal downtime. These non-invasive techniques are enjoyed by younger and older patients.

Having a strong jawline is considered an attractive feature in both men and women. A strong jawline should have a prominent chin and sharper, angular transitions into the neck unlike the softer contouring of the higher areas of the face. The appearance of the chin and jawline can be hindered due to sagging skin around the jowls and neck that occur over time.

While surgical procedures such as chin implants are an option, these types of surgical interventions require a lot of downtime and can leave scarring in their wake after healing.


Two of the most effective options are Restylane Lyft and Voluma. These two dermal fillers are commonly used to lift the cheeks, smoothen smile lines, and even add volume to the hands; however, a skilled injector can use these products off label to augment the chin and jawline.

How do Restylane Lyft / Voluma Enhance the Jawline?

These are both hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance produced by the body that attracts water to maintain volume. HA also binds with collagen and elastin in order to transport essential nutrients to the fibers in the area.

The HA contained within these fillers is chemically crosslinked together in order to delay the breakdown process by the skin’s enzymes. The crosslinking causes the HA to retain more of a solidified, gel-like appearance, which dissipates more slowly. As a result, it lasts longer in the skin. When not crosslinked, HA is metabolized by the body within 12 hours, and the effect is lost.

In addition, these fillers also contain lidocaine and water. The water and hyaluronic acid combo is what causes the plumping effects in the skin. Most importantly, the lidocaine serves as a pain reducer during the initial injection. Additionally, the inclusion of the lidocaine helps save time, as the patient usually does not need to wait for a topical numbing agent to be applied to the skin and to take effect.

Filler can be injected towards the top of the mandible close to the ear to accentuate the jawline. It can also be placed along the lower jawline and close to the chin to reduce the jowls and sagging skin in the area. Filler can also be used to shape and bring out the chin for improved definition, and for gently extending the balance and symmetry of the face. This defined or “chiseled” effect of filler placed in these areas leads to a more youthful and attractive appearance for both men and women when performed by an experienced injector.

What’s Different with Restylane Lyft / Voluma?

Compared to other fillers, Lyft and Voluma both have the appropriate density that is suitable for the soft tissue located in the lower face. Other variations of dermal fillers are too soft and moveable, as they were designed to accentuate movement of the dynamic areas of the face such as the lips or nasolabial folds. The softer fillers tend to only last between 4-6 months, whereas Lyft and Voluma can last up to 12 months or longer before the natural product degradation begins.

Restylane Lyft and Voluma contain different amounts of hyaluronic acid compared to their original forms (Restylane and Juvederm, respectively). The HA particles in Lyft and Voluma are larger, as they are intended to penetrate deeper into the middle layers of the skin in order to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and folds in areas like the nasolabial folds. The larger particles are also intended to contour larger surface areas such as the cheeks and midface areas due to the size and volume of these regions.

The second difference is that the HA in these products is less crosslinked when compared to other fillers. This means that the HA more closely resembles the natural version found in the body, thus allowing for a more seamless assimilation with the skin.

What to Expect

After the selected filler has been injected, some slight swelling and redness around the injection sites can be expected, and is normal. These effects are temporary, and resolve on their own usually within 48 hours. Slight bruising may be possible as well for some patients, and also wears off on its own within a few days.

The added volume from these fillers is immediate, and can be seen as soon as the procedure is completed. The results from the fillers can last between 9-12 months before they start to get absorbed by the body, so follow-up treatments will be required to maintain results. The absorption process is gradual over time, so there will be plenty of time to schedule a future appointment – the results are not a “here today, gone tomorrow” situation.

Because the chin and jawline are large areas with pronounced angles, larger amounts of filler are required compared to other areas of the face. Men may require more amounts than women, as well. Remember – all of the filler does not need to be added all at once. Building the volume over time in multiple sessions can be done as well to reach the desired appearance.

Even though the filler wears off on its own after time, this procedure is completely reversible. The filler can be dissolved immediately at anytime with the use of a special solution, which is another plus when compared to the permanent skin removal methods involved with surgery.

Why Dr. Behroozan for Chin Augmentation?


As with all injectables, the most crucial aspect that determines results is who performs the injections. An attractive jawline is not only prominent, but also needs to be balanced with the appearance of the upper and middle thirds of the face. Equal volumetric support throughout the whole face is what leads to natural looking results, and this can only be obtained with a board-certified physician who has an extensive understanding of the facial anatomy & features of your own face. Fillers are not a “one size fits all” ordeal. The technique that is used for one person will be drastically different for another.

An experienced physician injector addresses the chin and jaw, while still focusing on the appearance of the full face to bring a natural, subtle result in the patient, and this can only be learned after many years of firsthand experience with the procedure. Dr. Behroozan is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology, and has approximately 20 years of hands-on use and experience with dermal fillers.


Dr. Behroozan provides both filler options at his Beverly Hills and Santa Monica locations. Patients enjoy having the freedom to try out both products in order to see which one they prefer more. Some patients report that one may last longer, whereas others felt that a smoother appearance was achieved with the other. The two products are extremely similar, so it is up to personal preference as to which one patients opt to go with. Dr. Behroozan gladly lets patients try out both options so that they can experience firsthand which version they prefer.

While Restylane Lyft & Voluma are some of the most common options for non-surgical chin & jawline enhancement, Dr. Behroozan also offers other options that can be combined with these fillers to enhance results even further. Other available options include:

Dr. Behroozan will assist you in considering all your options. A personalized one on one consultation with Dr. Behroozan can help you develop an effective plan to make your skin goals a reality.


Even though Restylane Lyft and Voluma are extremely similar to one another, the skill of the injector is the most important factor that affects results.

The lower third of the face is home to critical areas such as the facial nerve and parotid gland. Expertly done injection needs to be done in such a way that these structures are avoided. Improperly injected filler that interfere with these areas can result in ongoing pain, nerve damage, and even facial paralysis – possibly permanent.

In addition to these serious risks, lumps, improper symmetry between the face, and other unsightly effects are very common due to a lack of skill from other injectors. Some patients have had the unfortunate experience of having one side of the jaw become larger than the other due to an inexperienced injector.

Dr. Behroozan has almost 2 decades of experience with fillers and facial anatomy, meaning that your risk of these complications is minimized as much as possible.

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