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Blu-U Blue Light Acne Treatment LA

Acne, especially on the face, can be one of the most anxiety-causing skin conditions. It is a common skin problem that affects both teenagers and adults. Specially designed to treat individuals of all ages, the Blu-U Blue Light is a state-of-the-art acne treatment that can dramatically improve the skin’s appearance and diminish acne breakouts. Used alone or in combination with Levulan, the Blu-U Blue Light is an FDA approved acne treatment procedure that produces significant results in only a few short sessions. The Blu-U Blue Light is an FDA-approved acne treatment that uses a special blue violet light to target acne. The light specifically destroys the bacteria that cause acne, P. acnes. On average, the Blu-U Blue Light treatment sessions take about 15-16 minutes. During treatment, individuals sit in front of the light while wearing special protective eye goggles. Administered one to two times a week over the course of several weeks, the gentle and relatively pain free Blu-U Blue Light reduces acne each session. The Blu-U Blue Light treatment’s results last about four to eight months, and individuals may return for more treatments if necessary. Individuals may experience mild peeling and burning of skin following treatment and are advised to avoid sunlight for approximately 24-48 hours. Additionally, individuals who have sensitivities to photosynthesizing treatments should avoid using the Blu-U Blue Light. – See more at:

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