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What to Expect After Morpheus 8?

Getting older means the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and other undesirable effects that prematurely age the skin on the face and body. Though there are many antiaging treatments available that can help minimize the effects of these blemishes, none are quite as effective as Morpheus 8. The procedure takes antiaging treatments to a whole new level by combining radiofrequency thermal energy with the microneedling process to counteract the effects of aging on the skin.

Treatment times vary for each patient. Most sessions are 30 minutes long, though some treatment times may be longer for those who are having a lot of work done or additional cosmetic services or procedures. Anyone interested in transforming the health and appearance of their skin with Morpheus 8 should consider the following information on what to expect after treatment.

How Does Morpheus 8 Work?

Morpheus 8 achieves what many alternative cosmetic antiaging procedures can’t. It uses radiofrequency thermal energy waves to stimulate collagen and elastin production deep in the skin to rejuvenate its appearance. Morpheus 8 microneedling penetrates deeper than other microneedling procedures to diminish the signs of aging for anyone who is tired of living with loose, sagging skin, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and complexion problems on their face and various areas of their body. Thanks to the use of special thermal energy and mirconeedling device, patients don’t need to do much to prepare or recover from the procedure. Downtime is minimal and results are amazing.

What to Expect After Morpheus 8?

what to expect with morpheus 8With proper self-care, results can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months or longer. Many patients rely on annual treatment sessions to maintain their rejuvenated appearance indefinitely. The procedure is so minimally invasive that bandages and wraps are not necessary for patients to wear during recovery. Instead, patients are encouraged to follow the postoperative instructions and to use any ointments or creams prescribed as directed.

Immediately after the procedure, patients may experience tender, red skin. Their skin may also feel much tighter than usual and weep, ooze or feel warm to the touch. Some swelling, peeling, and flaking may also occur. These effects are normal and usually clear up within the first week or so. To minimize complication risks and help ensure a pleasant experience and optimal results, patients should consider the following:

Refrain From Makeup – Avoid applying makeup to the treatment area for at least the first 24 hours after discharge home. It’s important to monitor the skin for oozing, bleeding, and warmness. Patients may resume wearing makeup, skin creams, and more within two to three days as long as those symptoms have resolved. Some items, such as retinoids and advanced skincare creams should not be used until after the first week after treatment or when the surgeon provides medical clearance to do so.

When allowed to resume wearing makeup, use clean brushes and tools. Always wash your hands with gentle antibacterial soap before touching the skin to prevent introducing bacteria and germs to the area to reduce the chances of infection and complications.

Avoid Certain Activities – Strenuous activities, exercising, swimming, tanning, and other high-risk activities increase the risk of trauma, infection, and complications. For the first week, the treatment area is essentially a fresh wound and should be treated accordingly. Patients should refrain from certain activities for the first day after treatment. To further minimize the risk of adverse effects and accidents that can compromise their results, patients should discuss their lifestyle behaviors with the surgeon prior to treatment and afterwards and follow all restrictions or recommendations.

Wear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen – Avoid spending too much time in the sun. The treatment area will be extremely sensitive and susceptible to the negative effects of aging and exposure to harsh elements, including the sun’s UV rays. Before heading outdoors, patients should apply sunscreen at all times to protect their skin from hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and other damaging side effects associated with sun exposure. Only zinc/titanium oxide sunscreen is recommended. Sunscreen should not be worn applied until 48 hours after the procedure unless the surgeon states otherwise.

Treat the Skin With Extra Care – It is not necessary to avoid cleansing the treated area while it heals. However, scrubbing products and harsh fabrics should be avoided until recovery is complete and the desired outcome is achieved. Applying too much pressure or force and using harsh products on the skin can cause additional trauma to the treated area and cause complications or poor results. Clean the skin with a gentle, soothing cleanser and warm water. Do not rub the skin dry. Use soft, patting motions to dry the skin to help prevent additional trauma, discomfort, and preserve the procedure’s results.

Hydrate the Body and Skin – Increase hydration to help keep the skin moisturized and enhance the healing process. A mild moisturizer may be used to help protect the skin from environmental elements while it heals. Patients can preserve their results and minimize the ongoing effects of aging with proper nutrition and fluid intake.

Some patients may have less than desired results after their first session and that is normal. Sometimes, multiple Morpheus 8 treatments administered over the course of several months may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Are You Ready for the Morpheus 8 Experience?

Morpheus8 offers immediate and long-term results by eliminating acne, scars, and stretch marks to restore proper texture, tone, and skin health. It’s also great at reducing the appearance of puffiness and swelling, superficial capillaries, and more. Morpheus 8 rejuvenates the skin by getting rid of old, dead skin and increasing the production of new, refreshed skin. The procedure is suitable for most skin types and tones.

To learn more about Morpheus 8 and how it can help you achieve your skin or body goals, call the Dermatology Institute of Southern California at (310) 392-1111 to set up a consultation.

Morpheus8 Side Effects

Everyone wants their skin to appear healthy and glowing regardless of age. Smooth blemish-free skin can give you a sense of confidence even when you are not wearing makeup. But over time, your skin can end up collecting more wrinkles, lines, acne scars, and sunspots. The result is less vibrant-looking skin.

To improve damaged and aging skin, many people turn to innovative and safe solutions like micro-needling. Now, this anti-aging technique has a new spin—Morpheus8. What is it? And what are the side effects? Is it for you?

What is micro-needling with Morpheus8?

Unlike the traditional micro-needling treatments, which entail using tiny needles to create channels by piercing your skin, this type of micro-needling is more advanced and innovative. When doing radiofrequency (RF) micro-needling with Morpheus8, the procedure entails applying radiofrequency generated heat to your skin. This procedure helps tighten your skin and can also improve the underlying fat. The results are better, more powerful, long lasting.microneedling on face

But that’s not all. What makes Morpheus8 an outstanding subdermal adipose remodeling device is the excellent results you can get at both low and high settings. When used in its most powerful settings, it can sculpt the underlying fat. Whereas when used at its lower settings, it can improve your skin texture.

At this setting still, it can give you a more youthful look by:

  • Erasing your scars
  • Tightening your skin
  • Tightening your pores
  • Smoothing your skin
  • Improving facial sagging

What are the side effects of Morpheus8?

Like any other procedure, Micro needling with Morpheus8 also has its side effects. So far, the most common side effect is mild swelling and redness in the skin area that received treatment. However, this is nothing to worry about, and you can expect it to subside in a couple of days or less.

Besides, the treatment may create small scabs in the treated area. You may notice these on the first day after treatment or anywhere within the window of the first 72 hours. They appear like small flaky, peeling skin. If you notice any scabbing, you must avoid picking at the scabs.

Picking can only lead to more scarring and skin damage making the results of the treatment less pleasant. However, these scabs are not permanent and shed as soon as the skin heals properly. Although it may take time for you to see the results if you have scabs, once the shedding is over, you will notice dramatic improvement.

Other common side effects can include temporary bruising, tenderness or soreness, and a occasionally pain for some patients. You can manage these symptoms with over-the-counter medications. In most cases, if you feel any irritation, it’s only mild and will stop soon after the treatment.

What to do about the side effects

Once you get home from the treatment, follow your post-treatment instructions for best and optimal results. The best way to take care of that area is by staying away from direct sun exposure. You can protect your skin with a generous amount of sunscreen when you go outside until the skin heals.

Moreover, be sure to use recommended products to keep your skin moisturized to prevent further irritation. If you feel any pain (only in rare cases), over-the-counter medication can be effective. Also, there is a calming ointment you can use to reduce any discomfort.

Lastly, you can use concealer and your normal makeup the next day after treatment to reduce the flaking and scabbing skin’s appearance. These side effects will not affect your daily activities, and your skin will feel normal soon after your skin heals.

Morpheus8 treatment: Who is it for?

Anyone can use Morpheus8 treatment. Regardless of your age or gender, you can use this treatment to treat numerous conditions and improve your general appearance. However, your skin is completely different from the next patient or the one before you, meaning the results will vary and the recommendations.

It’s best if your doctor goes through your health history before making any recommendations. Also, the treatment can depend on your anatomy and aesthetic requirements.

With that said, here are common skin issues that the treatment can help you with:

  • Erasing scars from any part of the face or body
  • Improving your skin texture by tightening your pores
  • Removing acne scars
  • Reducing facial sagging and jowls
  • Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing sun damage
  • Reducing skin damage

woman looking at face in mirror smilingHow soon can I wear makeup after treatment?

Post-treatment, you can wear your makeup as usual from the next day after treatment. However, it’s always important to ensure that your skin is well moisturized and protected from sun damage. So ensure you throw in enough sunscreen along with your normal makeup.

How does Morpheus8 treatment work?

The treatment process using Morpheus8 is not quite different from other treatments. The first step is numbing your skin using a topical numbing cream medication. This can help reduce discomfort during treatment.

Then, the doctor will cleanse your skin using an antibacterial formula. Afterward, the procedure can begin on the desired part of the body or face. In some cases, if you want better results, you can go through a combination of the Morpheus8 treatment and another one like AccuTite or Fraxel laser.  These combination treatments can provide incredible treatment results in the lower face and around the neck, including tightening and contouring.

Also, the outcome will vary. For instance, some people receive instant results after the treatment. But for others, it may take weeks, sometimes up to a month, before they can see any result. Besides, others may need other treatment sessions evenly spaced during that period before they start to see results.

Final thoughts

Morpheus8 treatment is a groundbreaking treatment method that has numerous benefits. With minimal side effects that you can easily manage at home, it’s certainly one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in our office. Plus, considering it’s permanent, it can help you get your confidence back. However, it’s best to continue an optimized skincare routine to ensure that you maintain that youthful look. Feel free to contact us today or visit our location for more information, find out whether Morpheus8 treatment is what you’ve been missing and book an appointment with us.

Top 4 Treatments for Autumn

As we prepare to enter the final stretch of the year, the weather begins to cool down, the streets become covered in leaves, and we start to see lots of pumpkin themed products all around. Fall has arrived!

With the change in the environment, certain cosmetic procedures begin to increase in popularity. Treatments that otherwise may have required a bit of extra planning and moving things around schedule-wise now become much easier to accommodate thanks to longer nights, cooler temperatures, and warmer clothing. Additionally, other treatments see a surge in numbers to ensure that our skin heals and looks its absolute best just in time for the holiday season, the beginning of the new year, and other big events composed of large gatherings and constant photo taking and video recordings.

No matter what the reason is, here are the top 4 procedures that are the most popular during the season of Autumn:

1) Laser Skin Rejuvenation

What Is It?

Fraxel, V-Beam, and Clear + Brilliant are 3 examples of some of the most popular devices used for Laser Skin Rejuvenation, which is an extremely versatile procedure. Lasers can be used to treat a multitude of conditions – from acne, to acne scars, wrinkles, skin redness, sun damage, undereye circles – you name it!

No matter what the concern you may have, odds are that there will be a laser available for you that can help. A consultation with a board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Daniel Behroozan, will allow you to determine which laser will best help you achieve your skin care goals.

Why treat your skin at this time of year?

Depending on the laser used or the condition treated, the healing process may vary between a couple of days to a couple weeks. One of the most important aspects of the healing phase is to limit sun exposure as much as possible. During the fall, days become shorter while night starts to set in earlier, which makes it a lot easier for some people to keep an eye on the amount of sun exposure they are getting. For example, since the sun starts to set a lot earlier, you may encounter a lot less sunshine while you are driving home from work as opposed to the summer, when the sun stays out quite late and can shine directly on you when you’re in the car. Sunscreen with SPF 30+ should always be worn no matter the time of the year that you receive a laser treatment.

Regardless of the laser or treated condition, the best results require no tanning. Skin should be at its normal complexion, and this is generally more feasible to obtain after the summer is over, as tanning is less prevalent in the fall.

Additionally, some lasers or conditions may require a series of treatments every couple of weeks instead of just one session. Many patients opt to start this process during autumn in order to ensure that the full series has enough time to be performed and healed before the later stages of winter and the holiday season.

To learn more about this procedure, click here.

2) Scar/Stretch Mark Removal

What Is It?

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Scars and stretch marks are some of the most difficult skin conditions to treat, and thus there are many options available. Lasers, microneedling, and injectable fillers are only some examples of treatment options that can address scars and stretch marks. It is very common for more than one treatment option to be combined in order to obtain the best cosmetic outcome for treating a scar/stretch marks. Multiple sessions over a long period of time are usually needed as well. The treatment plan that is selected varies depending on the kind of scar, the size, location, and how old the scar is. A board-certified physician like Dr. Daniel Behroozan will assist you in selecting the right treatment for you.

Why treat your skin at this time of year?

The earlier scars and stretch marks are treated, the better the results will be in reducing their appearance. As a result, treatment should be started as soon as possible. That being said, fall does have certain benefits that can assist with this. Like lasers, limiting sun exposure is critical – arguably even more so with scars. The decrease in sunlight during the fall and winter helps manage the amount of sun exposure you receive, which is especially important since the healing period can be lengthy depending on the scar/treatment used.

In addition, scars need to stay moisturized as well. It is a common belief that scars should be allowed to air out, but this is not the case. Dried out wounds can cause scabbing which can result in even more scarring. Moisturizing the scar ensures that the skin heals better, and the lower temperatures of the autumn time facilitate this as the skin does not dry out as fast. The warmer clothing that is common in the fall, such as tops with long sleeves and thicker fabrics, also help retain moisture, limit sun exposure, and avoid any outside irritation to the treated area, such as accidental bumping or scratching from objects.

To learn more about this procedure, click here.


3) Laser Hair Removal

What is it?

Laser Hair Removal is composed of heat from a laser’s light being targeted onto the region that has unwanted body hair. The hair follicles in this area absorb the light, and the follicles are then destroyed in order to prevent hair from growing. Laser Hair Removal can be performed on almost any part of the body that has unwanted body hair you wish to address.

Why treat your skin at this time of year?

Laser Hair removal requires a series of treatments that will need to spaced out every few weeks. On the average, 4-6 treatments will be needed, but this varies depending on the treated area, amount of hair, skin tone, and other factors. Lots of patients prefer to start the treatment after summer in order to ensure that the entire session is completed in its entirety in time for the next spring season, and before shorter clothing starts to come back around.

While we’re on the subject of clothing – like the previous procedures mentioned above, the recovery process requires limited sun exposure as well. This is even easier to accommodate with Laser Hair Removal thanks to the cooler temperatures bringing about warmer clothing and outfits that expose less skin. A Laser Hair Removal series can be completed in its entirety without anyone ever knowing!

To learn more about this procedure, click here.

4) Blood Facial

What Is It?

A Blood Facial is a microneedling treatment that has been combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma). This procedure starts off with your own blood being drawn from your body. The platelet rich plasma is then separated from the rest of the drawn blood using a centrifuge, and is then injected into areas of your face. Then, microneedling is performed on your face, which is composed of many tiny needles puncturing the skin. The Blood Facial helps rejuvenate the skin on the face, and can treat a multitude of conditions such fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, skin tone evenness, and much more. The Blood Facial also has no downtime.

Why treat your skin at this time of year?

Like the other 3 procedures mentioned above, limiting sun exposure is vital during the aftercare of a Blood Facial. The autumn and winter seasons are great times for the Blood Facial due to the change in factors that allow for less sun exposure to the face (eg: most people do not go to the beach as frequently during this time, the sun begins to set by the time you get off work, etc). As always, sunscreen should always be worn no matter what time of year you receive any of these treatments.

Because this procedure is minimally invasive, the Blood Facial is a favorite of many patients since it allows one to obtain great results in a shorter time frame. This treatment becomes very popular right before the holiday season as well, as many patients report their skin having a bright, radiant, and glowing complexion after a Blood Facial. This makes the Blood Facial perfect to receive before the large family gatherings and end of the year work events that frequently take place at this time of year.

Speaking of holidays – there is a certain holiday that takes place in the autumn that is extremely popular. This particular holiday involves lots of pumpkins, candy, and people dressing up in costumes of scary figures like ghosts, zombies, and vampires.

Because of this holiday and its close connections with vampires, numerous patients who enjoy this particular October event LOVE to receive the Blood Facial during autumn to really get in the holiday spirit during this time (in addition to all the benefits this treatment provides, of course!)

To learn more about this procedure, click here.

All 4 of these procedures are offered by Dr. Behroozan at the Dermatology Institute of Southern California. You can select from one of two convenient locations in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, and our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your skin care goals. We are just a quick message or phone call away!

6 Reasons to Try Microneedling Before the New Year

As we enter the final days of summer, we are slowly entering the home stretch before calling the current year a wrap. We’re right at the point where the leisure time of the summer is about to wind down, but before the chaos of the late autumn and holiday seasons start – making this the PERFECT time to consider a microneedling treatment.

Starting a microneedling treatment in the late summer/early fall allows the effects to show on your skin over the next few months, resulting in you looking your best right when the holiday season hits, and time is scarce. Not only will it also ensure that you can start off your new year with radiant, glowing skin, but you will also have personal first-hand experience with this new tool which you can now incorporate into your skin care arsenal moving forward.

*Note that Microneedling treatments can be performed on their own; however, it is also very common for these treatments to be combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood as well. This combo of Microneedling + PRP is commonly referred to as the Blood Facial.

Here are 6 reasons why you should try out Microneedling (either with or without PRP) before the clock hits midnight for the new year:

1) Microneedling is All Natural

Unlike most treatments, microneedling involves no special formulas being inserted into your skin, and no fancy pieces of technology. This treatment simply consists of a collection of very tiny needles that gently puncture the first layer of your skin, and that’s it. Your body then heals these tiny wounds with its own natural healing process. This process increases collagen and improves the texture and appearance of the skin naturally since it is using your body’s own healing mechanisms that it was designed to do.

Microneedling treatments that have been combined with PRP simply involve the use of your own platelets that are already contained within your blood. Your blood is first drawn, and the platelets are then separated and injected into the face. All that is happening here is that the plasma is merely being moved from one area of your body to the other. Nothing out of the ordinary!

2) Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment with NO downtime

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Because the needles being used are so small in size, the punctures caused by these needles are not visible to the naked eye. Even though these wounds are small enough to not be visible, they still trigger the body to activate healing mode on the treated areas, so your skin still reaps the effects. Most patients head right on back to work the same day, and it is very common for others to continue their originally intended weekend plans the first couple days after a treatment. After your treatment has been completed, your physician will provide you with some very simple aftercare steps to take, such as wearing sunscreen (which you are doing anyway after reading our Skin Cancer blog, right?!).

In the case of PRP – even though there are extra injections involved when microneedling and PRP are combined, this does not cause any increase in downtime. In fact, just the opposite! Those who combine microneedling with PRP can expect an even faster recovery time due to the accelerated healing process from the platelets. The initial redness and swelling wears often wears off within 48-72 hours after a blood facial, and results also appear faster as well when combined with PRP.

3) Microneedling can Treat a TON of Conditions

Microneedling is an extremely versatile procedure that can treat practically any concern or condition you have. Studies have shown that patients with acne scars especially are excellent candidates. Acne scars are one of the most difficult conditions to treat, and patients can expect to see good to great results in the improvement of their skin and the appearance of these scars after receiving microneedling.

In addition to acne scars, microneedling can also improve the appearance of:

  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation/Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Undereye Circles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Cellulite

PRP is also quite versatile, and has been used in a variety of medical and surgical procedures thanks to its healing effects. It has been very prevalent among professional athletes in rehabilitation, so it comes as no surprise that PRP and microneedling go together like soap and water. In addition to Microneedling, PRP can also be used to slow down the effects of age related hair loss as well.


4) Your Skin Will Absorb Products Better After a Microneedling Session

One of the real joys about microneedling is that not only does it directly fight against conditions on your face such as fine lines and acne scars – but it also has the benefit of increasing the effectiveness of your skin care products.

Topical products applied during your skin care procedure are usually only absorbed by the uppermost layers of skin. Due to the small punctures created by microneedling, the topical products are now able to penetrate deeper into the skin, thus getting absorbed by the lower layers. Patients are often pleasantly surprised to return to their skin care regimens a few days after treatment to find that the same products they’ve been using are amplified in their effects afterwards. You can expect up to 90% increased product absorption after microneedling!

5) No Risk of Adverse Side Effects

MicroneedlingOne of the biggest perks that many microneedling patients really enjoy about the treatment is how it is so simple and natural. Because of this, the risk of side effects is extremely low with this procedure, especially when compared to other more invasive options like surgery. The punctures inflicted from the needles are so small that the body will enter its natural healing mode without needing to worry about risking prevalent side effects that accompany other treatments, like infection or surgical complications.

After a microneedling treatment, you can expect minor swelling and redness that will disappear on its own after a few days. Dry skin can also happen and is normal, and your physician will let you know what post-procedure measures to follow to limit the effects of this. Moisturizer can, and should be used to reduce this until it resolves on its own.

Those who opt to receive the microneedling + PRP combo can expect to see the swelling and redness disappear even faster! The addition of PRP offers an accelerated healing process without the addition of any other risks or downsides. Because PRP uses the patient’s own blood, there is no cause for concern about issues like allergic reactions.

6) Microneedling treatments have very little to no pain at all

Having numerous small needles puncturing your face all over may sound a bit scary to some people; however, before the procedure is started, a topical anesthetic is applied to the patient’s face and is left to sit for about 30 minutes first. As the skin absorbs this ointment, the patient’s face then goes numb and the procedure is then started afterwards. While some patients do report a slight sensation of the needles being moved across the face, many others report no pain at all. Even patients who receive the deepest level of depth have reported the procedure being very tolerable, and much less than what they initially anticipated.

The addition of PRP may give off the impression that it is painful since there is blood involved. However, due to the anesthetic, the injection of the PRP is also reported to be not very painful – in fact, patients report even less pain than what one may feel from a filler or Botox treatment. Because the needle used for PRP is much smaller than the kinds used for Botox and fillers, patients report simply the feeling of the needle going in with no pain.

**Bonus Reason:

As we know, the combination of Microneedling with PRP is referred to as the “Blood Facial”.

The fall season is famous for having a special day in October that you might have heard about at some point. This special day is known for featuring ghosts and other ghoulies like zombies, witches, and coincidentally, vampires. ? ? ? ?

This special day is referred to as…well, we can’t quite remember at the moment…

BUT, for those of you who are fans of this special day, starting this season off with a BLOOD FACIAL is the PERFECT way to get into the spirit for this time of the year

Still have a couple of other questions before scheduling your microneedling treatment? Dr. Behroozan and the team at Dermatology Institute are more than happy to assist you on your mission to achieve healthy, glowing skin. You can choose either one of 2 locations near you in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. We are available at your convenience via e-mail, or you can call us as well at (310) 392-1111

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